Real Estate Solutions for New Haven Non-Profits.

Introducing Empower New Haven, your specialized partner in real estate support for non-profit organizations in New Haven. Our mission is simple: to empower non-profits with tailored real estate solutions that amplify their impact.

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What we are here for and why

Non-Profit Organizations, particularly in new haven, face daunting obstacles in providing for their space needs . . .

Fundraising Hurdles for Occupancy Costs:

Non-profit organizations, particularly those in New Haven, encounter significant challenges in securing suitable office spaces.

Constraints in a Competitive Market:

The options are further constrained in a competitive market due to landlord preferences. Some landlords are unwilling to lease to non-profits, while others impose lease clauses that unreasonably limit visitor traffic.

Missing Commercial Real Estate Experience

Executive Directors and Board Members are drawn to their roles by the organization’s mission and the opportunity to contribute to positive change. However, their familiarity with commercial real estate may be limited.

Lack of Expertise in Real Estate Negotiations:

Their understanding of dealing with landlords, agents, and the complex economics of real estate is often even more limited. This lack of expertise puts them at a significant disadvantage when negotiating with real estate professionals who navigate these matters daily.

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